Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Yates is a master printmker.

Framed and unframed prints are available.
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Contact Yates (rryates315@gmail.com) to inquire about availability.

Larger Prints

Smaller Prints:

 16 X 20 cm. 4 x 6 inch linocut done by color reduction cutting. 
Printed on an old Vandercook letter press. 
Some copies available signed. $175

Kerrobert, SK Pool
image: 4X5"
Set of six, 6-colour, colour reduction linocuts.
Images sold individually or as a set.
Edition of 90. 2001
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Boissevain UGG Elevator
image: 4X5"

Carlyle, SK Pool Elevators
image: 4X5"
Denzil, SK Pool Elevators
image: 4X5"
Elgin MB Elevator
 4X5" (photo off square. image is fine)
Conquest, SK Pool Elevators
image: 5X4"