Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Yates is a master printmker.

Framed and unframed prints are available.
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Contact Yates (rryates315@gmail.com) to inquire about availability.

Larger Prints

Smaller Prints:

 16 X 20 cm. 4 x 6 inch linocut done by color reduction cutting. 
Printed on an old Vandercook letter press. 
Some copies available signed. $175

Kerrobert, SK Pool
image: 4X5"
Set of six, 6-colour, colour reduction linocuts.
Images sold individually or as a set.
Edition of 90. 2001
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Boissevain UGG Elevator
image: 4X5"

Carlyle, SK Pool Elevators
image: 4X5"
Denzil, SK Pool Elevators
image: 4X5"
Elgin MB Elevator
 4X5" (photo off square. image is fine)
Conquest, SK Pool Elevators
image: 5X4"

New Water Colours/ Gouache

Yates' recent emphasis.
2 Bluebirds and Pond
Gouache and pencil on HW rag paper.
10.25 X 6.5 inch image.  at Ban Bao Village,Thailand
Richard Yates (signed LLeft) 2012

Smaller works.

Natural world and imaginary organic ideas.  Land is central to Yates' work, often referencing past visits to First Nations mystical sites in southern Alberta

Fish and Birds
guache, oil & pencil
approx. 6X9". 2012

2 Cats - 2 Fish - 1 Frog 
guache & pencil
approx. 12X8". 2012

approx. 4X2.5". 2013

Fish Thoughts 
approx. 6x3.5". 2013
#6  (4 fish- 2 birds)
gouache and oil painting on HW rag paper
4 x 3.5 inch. 2012
Sea Bird With Long Tail S. Pacific
gouache & oil
approx. 9X12". 2012
Fish & Two Odd Birds
approx. 3.5X3". 2013
Cat and Fish Ponds
approx. 4X3". 2013

Bassano Ponds S. ALTA
approx 5X11". 2013
Dog, Cat at Pond
4 x 3 inch 2013

Contact Yates (rryates315@gmail.com) for pricing. Framed and unframed.

New Oil Paintings on Canvas

Refuge Cove 
9.75 X 8 inch image 2013
 Richard Yates oil on canvas.
 signed LRight.at Ban Bao Village,Thailand

A sample of new oils: 2012 and 2013

Smallish formats.
Majorville Memories
oil on canvas
9.75X11.75". 2012
Landscape Shadows
oil on canvas
9.75X11.75". 2012

Click the images to enlarge.
Refuge Cove
8X8". 2013
Oil on Canvas
Bird and Fish
8X8". 2013
Oil on Canvas

Refuge Cove
8X9.75". 2013 oil on canvas.
at Ban Bao Village,Thailand

Framed or unframed.

Contact Yates (rryates315@gmail.com) regarding availability.

2 Pond Fish
11.75X9.75". 2012 oil on canvas.  

Monday, 5 November 2012

Italian Landscapes in Oil

Italian Hill Town, Green Tree - Oil on board.  Image: 8 X 7 2000
 Yates' earlier paintings are spread among collectors and collections. Contact the artist (rryates315@gmail.com) regarding current availability and price.
Italian Landscape - Oil on board.  Image: 8 X 7 - 2000

Dream Landscape - Oil on board.  Image: 11 X 7 2002

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Hand made 1994 book 'Castles of Gold and Dust'

Richard Yates printed, by handset lead type,  a collection of poems and observations on the loss of the old wood grain elevators that once stood at every small Canadian prairie town. Such elevators have been icons of the Canadian prairie landscape and railways for over a century. Sadly, these unique wood structures are being replaced. This 1994 hand-made and bound book titled 'Castles of Gold and Dust' contains many linocuts in color and black and white, plus many wood engravings by the artist.  The printed pages and images are on acid free hand-made paper.  A few books are still available from the artist (rryates315@gmail.com) through this site.

Galleries and Sales Locations

Galleries carrying Richard Yates works include: Poor Michael's in Onanole, Manitoba, Canada

George Strange's Prairie Showcase in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta

Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Old Church Pottery & Gift. 
4km North of Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada

Art Gallery of St. Albert in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

and at 

Great Bear Art and Framing, 
12247 Fort Rd NW
Edmonton, AB Canada

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Artist Statement

Richard Yates – Statement About Artworks

My works over the past 20 years derive from visits to remote or unusual locations. Most often on the prairies, I find a place where something of an unusual event had historically or metaphysically taken place which gives me a sense that there had been about that place multiple aesthetic, or even spiritual, decisions made there. I can build later in memory on this place and examine or visually speculate and so generate visual images. Sometimes my nighttime dream symbolic images may augment and broaden the process. My “pond”, bird/flying dream, farm field pattern markings images all come from vision quest-like discover trips in nature somewhat akin to a hunting trip. If the intent is right and animal will present itself to the hunter sometimes as an offering. One of the most unusual events to be “placed inmy path” was of learning of and locating a group of 11 circles of a “crop circle” formation and reflecting on this event in a print. Often the sourcing, or building the foundation of the artwork in nature, or place, can be something of a revelation. Other sources I have visited are native prairie medicine wheel sites, megalithic standing stone sites in Europe like Avebury, Stonehenge, those on Malta, and at Carnac. All are powerful “organic” earth sites significantly placed and aesthetically rich and, interestingly, seem to be meant to be seen from above. Thus, many of my works have sense of a “birds-eye view”. Or that of a “flying dream”: powerful senses of faith, intent and unity --- all seeing. Interestingly, some of the art of the Russian Revolution in the constructivist and later suprematist movements had a similar “birds eye” view reflecting a group of ideal or utopia which was unfortunately undermined by ruthless power politics. I think this ideal utopia --- a mixture of spiritual question, ideal aesthetics, earth/nature appreciation is reflected in some of my artworks.

I also enjoy loading and compressing the composition. Somewhat like squeezing and folding the image into the rectangle format, as if the rectangle format were pregnant and near to term.

Some of my summer 2001 images are small Italian hilltop town views of colorful imaginary landscapes in oil on small panels. As of 2012/13 I painted small intimate and colourful images of imaginary pond fish and fish, odd cats and dogs in a light hearted way. Plus some landscapes from memory.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Richard R. Yates has distributed his art across Europe, North America and Asia.  He travels extensively.  He has been known to haunt, paint and mingle in a fishing village on Koh Chang Island, in southeast Thailand.

He updates his catalogue of art available for purchase once or twice per year.  Not all art is shown here.  Many works on paper and unsold prints, in editions spanning 45 years are available unframed, from the artist.  The smallest wood engravings are as small as 2 by 3 inches and the largest are 8 by 4 foot plywood sheet-size woodcut and linocut prints.

Request for prints, oils, watercolours, or books can be made directly by emailing The Artist - rryates315@gmail.com.