Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New Water Colours/ Gouache

Yates' recent emphasis.
2 Bluebirds and Pond
Gouache and pencil on HW rag paper.
10.25 X 6.5 inch image.  at Ban Bao Village,Thailand
Richard Yates (signed LLeft) 2012

Smaller works.

Natural world and imaginary organic ideas.  Land is central to Yates' work, often referencing past visits to First Nations mystical sites in southern Alberta

Fish and Birds
guache, oil & pencil
approx. 6X9". 2012

2 Cats - 2 Fish - 1 Frog 
guache & pencil
approx. 12X8". 2012

approx. 4X2.5". 2013

Fish Thoughts 
approx. 6x3.5". 2013
#6  (4 fish- 2 birds)
gouache and oil painting on HW rag paper
4 x 3.5 inch. 2012
Sea Bird With Long Tail S. Pacific
gouache & oil
approx. 9X12". 2012
Fish & Two Odd Birds
approx. 3.5X3". 2013
Cat and Fish Ponds
approx. 4X3". 2013

Bassano Ponds S. ALTA
approx 5X11". 2013
Dog, Cat at Pond
4 x 3 inch 2013

Contact Yates (rryates315@gmail.com) for pricing. Framed and unframed.