Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Korean Collector purchases Yates Watercolour

Korean art collector, Lee JiYeon purchased a 2012 Yates water colour after viewing the piece online during his show at That Cooper House in May, 2013.

Lee, an art historian and gallery consultant in Seoul, took the opportunity to purchase directly from the artist.  Curator of the show, Nelly Mills, has an extensive international online network and invited Lee to tour the show via wifi and a webcam.  She narrowed her selection down to three pieces, and Mills emailed her high resolution images of her choices.

The transaction was conducted via PayPal and Ms. Lee was very pleased to receive her painting, only five days after the show.  It was an unframed piece, offering her good value, and an ability to choose her own style of framing.

The painting she purchased is called Pond Frog Fish Butterfly.  It was the only butterfly image in the show.

 "It is such a cheerful piece," she said.  "I know I really need to be more objective in my personal collection, but it always comes down to how the piece of art makes me feel.  I love this little painting."

Yates  hopes to continue this trend of enabling collectors who cannot attend his shows, to purchase his newest works.